Righteous Quest is a game on the Cartoon Network website that is based on episodes of Adventure Time. The object is to reach the object at the end of the game without running out of lives.

You will lose life if you:

  • Fall of the setting.
  • lose to much energy.


The enemies in this game are cherry gnomes, ninjas, and ice monsters, respectively. To beat them, you must hit them with a snowball (space bar). However, if the enemy attacks you, you will lose energy.


Jake tokens- unleashes one Jake smash (Z key) with each token.

Stretchy legs/ear Signs- changes the space bar's function (shown near top left under power bar) so that when you need to reach tall obsticles you can use the strechy leg power; when you need to fly over a field of spikes, you can use stretchy ear power.

Diamonds- gives you points. The big diamond is worth more points.

1-up- gives you an extra life.

Hat w/ heart(s)- gives you more life.

Sword scroll- if you collect all 5 in the game you will unlock more diamonds when you reach the end of the obsticle.

Gumdrop- bounces you to new place.

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