"Prisoners of Love"
Season 1, Episode 3
Production Code: 692-005
Airdate: April 12, 2010
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Adam Muto
Craig Lewis
Written & Storyboarded by: Pendleton Ward
Adam Muto
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"Trouble in Lumpy Space"
"Tree Trunks"

Prisoners of Love is episode number three in season one of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.


This episode starts off with Finn and Jake sledding in the Ice Kingdom, but fall into Ice King's garden. The Ice King then creates some snow monsters who were defeated by Finn and Jake. As they celebrated their victory, he freezes them, putting them in a cell with Lumpy Space Princess, Slime Princess, Wildberry Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Ghost Princess, Emerald Princess and Raggedy Princess. The princesses say that Ice King has kept them for weeks and questioned them about their favorite things. He says he is collecting them all and to choose one of them to marry. The princesses also say that they are not having fun in the cell, since Ice King does not know how to entertain them. He thought that reading them Baby Whatsit and the Bottle Prince would be fun, but none of the princesses liked the book. Finn and Jake try to figure out ways to get out of the cell, but Finn's flute breaks when he tries to spear the Ice King and he freezes Jake when he tries to use his stretchy powers to make a key-hand. Ice King then forces Wildberry Princess and the other princesses to play musical instruments. Finn soon devises a plan while Ice King drums and makes him leave the room so he can tell Jake and the princesses his plan. They pretend to have fun and trick Ice King into coming into the cell where Finn will beat him up and Jake and the princesses can escape. When Finn fights Ice King, Ice King gets knocked out and dreams why people do not like him, and from the dream, Owl tells Ice King that he is a sociopath. Ice King wakes up after being tickled by penguins and sees that Finn, Jake, and the princesses have already escaped. Meanwhile, they celebrate their victory and Slime Princess tells Finn that she would want to marry him. Finn asks Jake to help him out, only for Jake to lie that Finn pees his pants constantly, grossing all of the princesses out and Finn to become embarassed.

Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Princess Bubblegum does not appear in the episode, even though she is the most important princess. It could be that Ice King did not kidnap her because in the Animated Short, Finn rescued her from Ice King, who was trying to get married with her.
  • At one point, Jake and Ice King says that there are six princesses, when there are actually seven. This may be because Ghost Princess might be invisible.
  • Finn is wearing a yellow shirt in this episode instead of the usual blue.


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