Princess Bonibell Bubblegum
Debut Pilot
Race Human/Bubblegum Hybrid
Gender Female

Princess Bonibell Bubblegum is a main character in the Animated Short, as well as in the series Adventure Time. In Adventure Time Finn the Human and Jake the Dog are on an adventure to save her from the Ice King. In Slumber Party Panic, it is noted that she previously dated Mr. Cream Puff. She rules the Candy Kingdom by herself (it is unknown who Princess Bubblegum's parents are, so it is assumed that, like Finn, she does not have any). In most episodes she is very eccentric, and sometimes when this happens or if an answer hits her, pink bubbles will pop from her. She has called Finn adorable and cute on some occasions but she seems to mean this in a child-like way. Bubblegum is her surname. She is different than the other princess in the sense that 'princess' comes first. If she were like the other princesses, people would refer to her as 'Bubblegum Princess'. Pincess Muscles is another princess with that type of name. People call her P.B. sometimes. On the official website, it is stated, "As a millionaire nerd enthusiast, Princess Bubblegum immerses herself in every branch of geekdom from rocket science to turtle farming". Besides Emerald Princess, she is the only known humanoid princess.


Princess Bubblegum's signature color is pink. She has long and thick pink bubble gum hair as well as a pink dress. Her dress seems to cover her feet. Although sometimes she changes her outfit to sometimes a tutu dress or a flowing dark pink dress. In Trouble in Lumpy Space, during the Mallow Tea Ceremony, she wore purple shoes but it is still not determined whether or not she wears it under her pink dress. In addition, she wore a white dress with purple and pink sides. In Ricardio The Heart Guy, when she was tied to the chair, pink was shown on the bottom of the rope. It's possible that those were her shoes but it also could've been her dress sticking out. In Slumber Party Panic, she wore a white lab coat. In The Duke, she wore a a grey suit filled with medicine milk and later wore a purple striped tank top and pants. In "The Real You", She wore a yellow T-shirt with white shorts. She also wears a golden tiara like most princesses in the show, similar to that of Slime Princess. Her tiara has a blue gem in it, unlike the Slime Princess (the Slime Princess's gem is red). According to Jake, "She's also a horrible mutant of bubblegum and human DNA, which Finn finds attractive." She sprouts bubbles when she's excited, which was seen near the end of Slumber Party Panic. In The Duke, her skin is green and she has no or very little hair, but that is because of Finn's accidental potion mishap. Her skin is light pink. She is made of bubblegum with human DNA, which may be a result of the nuclear/natural apocalypse that happened in the Land of Ooo. This is unlikely, however, since Princess Bubblegum is 18 When she was possessed by the Lich in the episode Mortal Recoil, she momentarily turned into a giant monster and after she was tipped over and broke when she was frozen, she became a 13 year old because of a lack of gum to work with. Then in the episode "Too Young" she made herself 18 again. It is shown in the episode "Too Young" that she doesn't wear shoes or socks, but that was when she was 13 so it is still unknown if she wears shoes when she is 18.


Princess Bubblegum is very kind. She seems to love all things (except for the Ice King and The Duke Of Nuts). She also seems to have a love of science and is seen as very intelligent, as hinted in a few episodes. Jake stated once that Princess Bubblegum was "super smart" and she doesn't seem to be modest about it, once claiming that "(the answer) was so simple, I was too smart to see it!" which was said near the end of Slumber Party Panic. Finn has a crush on her, but it is unknown if the feelings are mutual. She seems to care very much for the Candy People, which was noted in Slumber Party Panic when, to avoid worrying them, she told all of them to gather in the Candy Foyer to have a slumber party (Candy People explode when they get scared). Whenever she moves her hands in emphasis, a tinkling sound occurs, which was heard in Slumber Party Panic. She also seems to be friends with Mannish. Her meaner side can be seen in other episodes.


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  • Princess Bubblegum is voiced in the series by Hynden Walch, best known for her role as Starfire from Teen Titans, Penny from Chalkzone, and young Nia from Gurren Lagann.
  • Both Finn and Ice King seem to have crushes on her.(Ice King has more of a craving)
  • She apparently knows very much about science, as shown in multiple episodes.



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