Lumpy Space Princess
Lumpy Space Princess is a teenage lumpy creature who first appeared in Trouble in Lumpy Space when she was one of the main characters. She's the princess of Lumpy Space and daughter of Lumpy Space King and Queen. She appears to be slightly whiny and selfish. She used to live in Lumpy Space with her mom and dad. She currently lives in the woods (she may of kicked out of her home because she always made her mother cry, mentioned in Trouble in Lumpy Space) as seen in episodes 'To Cut A Woman's Hair' and 'Heat Signature' She has an ex-boyfriend named Brad who is supposedly dating her best friend Melissa. She often uses phrases like, "What the lump!" and, "Oh my glob!" They seem to be swear words because of the way her mom reacted in the episode Trouble in Lumpy Space. She appears to float above the ground. She supposedly has a crush on Finn, as shown in the episode "Gotcha!". Although she is sassy, she is nice to most people. Unlike many princesses, she doesn't wear a crown at all, but she has a yellow star on her forehead that other lumpy people don't have. She bit Jake in the episode "Trouble in Lumpy Space", causing him and Finn to become Lumpy people.
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