Ice King is the king of the Ice Kingdom. He steals princesses hoping for a beautiful bride.

Ice King
The Ice King


"Prisoners of Love"






Special Abilities

Ice King uses Ice Beams and could fly using his long beard. These helped him against Finn and Jake although it only helps a little. Since he is armed with a magic and a cold heart, he uses them to catch brides.


Ice King is mean to certain people (including Finn, Jake, etc...) and has a cold heart, named Ricardio. Although he has been found happy, sad, or has showed feelings, he only does it rarely.


Ice King has a magic crown with red rubies around it. It can do many things. He wears a warm, blue robe to stay warm around his icy land. His skin is also blue but it has a lighter shade.

He has a long nose. He also has a magic beard that can help him fly away from danger. All of his magic is supposed to defend him from Finn and Jake yet it is a little weak to them.

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