Jake and Finn are transported to a world Tree Trunks is the queen.

It started when Finn found a crystal which was a sign from tree trunks. Finn tried to find out what it was but couldn't. So he had a muscle contest with Jake and lost, but Jake used his powers and almost killed Finn. Jake promised to never hurt anybody ever again. Then the next day Finn asked for a rematch but Jake declined. Not wanting to hurt Finn or anybody else good or bad. Then Finn gets taken away by crystal guardians sent by Tree Trunks. In this world she is the queen and captures Finn to be her sexy crystal king. She was given magical powers by eating the crystal apple which she did in the episode "Tree Trunks". Which ended when Jake got over his wimpiness after seeing his father and his brother Jermaine.His father said "he will destroy everything" later added on "that is evil" because Jake would never let him finish in his visions of him earlier in the episode. Jake kicked the crystal apple out of her. Then they all got transported back in the portal the crystal apple created.

Anybody else on the wiki can fill out the rest after watching the episode

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