Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun lets loose at a candy kingdom party in "Enchiridion"

Cinnamon Bun is an old, well, cinnamon bun that is a little "half-baked"according to Princess Bubblegum. In the episode The Other Tarts, he earns the title of RoyalTart Toater when Finn is chosen to toat the tarts by Bubblegum and he gives Cinnamon an anti-grav pack full of the royal tarts that have paralysis potion on them (or so they thought). when Finn toats the tarts through the Desert of Doom the tarts all become stolen and lost. But in the end it turns out that he had the paralyzing tarts the whole time. Cinnamon Bun delivers the tarts to Bubblegum and the annual backrubbing ceremony begins! "All part of the master plan" says Finn. In "Hug Wolf" Cinnamon Bun exclaims, " You came into my room last night and gave me a squeeze..... A REALLY STRONG ONE!"but soon after cinnamon bun dies Ina fire with a fight with Finn to the death
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