"Adventure Time" is 2008 animated short that aired on Frederator Studios' Random! Cartoons. It is about a young boy named "Pen" and a dog named "Jake" that go on an adventure to save a princess from the evil Ice King.


The short begins with Finn the Human (who is named "Pen" in this short) sleeping under a tree while Jake the Dog is meditating. After they dance a little (a dance that Jake downloaded from the internet), Lady Rainicorn flies by, crying. They find out that Lady Rainicorn is sad because Princess Bubblegum was kidnapped and is now being imprisoned by the Ice King. Using snowballs, they battle their way past the various monsters that live in the Ice Kingdom.

After a while, Pen and Jake reach the Ice King's mountain lair. Pen fights the Ice King while Jake ignores tha battle and stays outside to flirt with Lady Rainicorn. Just when Pen seems to be winning the fight, the Ice King uses his "frozen lightning bolts" to freeze Pen in a ice block. This takes Pen's mind "back in time, and to Mars" where he has a very brief motivational conversation with Abraham Lincoln. After Lincoln tells him to believe in himself, Pen's mind is returned to the present and sees the Ice King fly away with Princess Bubblegum. Chasing after him using Jake's magical extendable legs, Pen rescues the princess from the Ice King. Jake pushes the magical crown off the Ice King's head, which is the King's source of power. The Ice King then falls off-screen while yelling a long list of threats that he will do when he returns.

The story ends with Bubblegum giving Pen a kiss, which greatly embarrasses him. He tries to leave, but Jake says that they have nowhere to go and adventures that need them. However, some ninjas nearby are stealing an old man's diamonds, and they both run off in pursuit.


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