AT Movie Part ll

Last time on Adventure Time...

'Flame Princess's dad dies'

Finn: Alright we all need some sleep...G'night.

Macestra: G'ni--

(Finn grabs Macestra and hugs her)

Finn: You deserve the thanks...thank you.

Macestra: Well thank you for making me blush.

(both smile)


At Finn's place...

Macestra: Finn I'm gonna go work on my rocket with Jake. I'll talk to you later.

Finn: Ok...goodbye Macestra...(mumble): forever...

Macestra: What was that?

Finn: Oh nothing...nevermind...

Macestra: Ok...I'm worried about you bud....bye.

(Macestra leaves)

Finn: Should i do it Beemo? No one here needs me anymore anyway....not even Flame Princess. Her and Macestra became great friends. Should I do it?

(Finn looking up at the sky)

Beemo: No Finn! You cant! Everyone needs you! Even Macestra...

Finn: How? She is leaving soon anyway.

Beemo: You dont know half of it about her.....

Princess Bubblegum: Beemo's right. We all need you. You cant go...

Finn: Princess Bubblegum? No. No one needs me...goodbye. Please tell Macestra...I messed up...and she was the Earthling i thought i might have a thing for...bye princess...

Princess Bubblegum: No Finn we---

(Finn looks up to sky)

Finn: Hi!!!! 

Princess Bubblegum: FINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Outside the house...

Macestra: Did you here that!?

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