Last time on Adventure Time...

Macestra: Oh dang.........its about time i said it. On Earth, there is a TV show called Adventure Time...with Finn and Jake.

Finn: So all of us are on TV?......THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!

Jake: Finn...its not as awesome as it need to know something...


Finn: What? What can be so bad about being on TV? I mean we can become FAMOUS just for sleeping!!!

Macestra: Finn seriously. We are all in danger. Even me.

Jake: Finn....I dont know how to put this any other way...If you interact in ANY way with someone from Earth---if any of us do, we are done with. Macestra is an exception though. She has been here for more than 24 hours. She is now a character in the show. But if you talk to one of the will be gone. They will get so shocked and scared that they erase you. The more they erase, the more weak you become.

Finn: So I cant even stop what I'm doing and just look out into space and say Hi?

Macestra: Finn you have to listen to Jake. 

Jake: Have you ever heard about Cinnamon Swirley Jr.?

Macestra+Finn: Who?

Jake: Exactly. He looked out into space and said 'HOW YOU DOIN?' to a writer and then BOOM! Next thing you know he is never seen again.

Finn: Ok ok i wont talk to the "sky".

Jake: You better not.

(Flame Princess running over to the group)

Flame Princess: Finn! Macestra! Jake! I need your guys help! My father is sick! He is getting weaker by the minute! Please come help!

Macestra: What makes you think I wanna help?

Flame Princess: Look i know we got off on the wrong foot but please I need your help.

Finn: Alright We will follow you! go!

At Flame Princess's home...

Flame Princess: Dad I'm back! We have Peppermint Butler here too!

Dad: Why all these people?

Flame Princess: I'm sorry. 

Flame Princess: Butler do you think you can do anything?

(Finn wraps his hands around Flame Princess and then lets go cuz of fire)

Flame Princess: You make me feel better Finn.

Macestra (mumble): You make me wanna throw up...

Jake: Princess what was your father doing? 

Flame Princess: I just checked in on him and saw him talking to the thing i saw was him lying on the ground moaning.

Jake: You see what I mean Finn! You can NEVER...EVER talk to the giants....EVER!

'Flame Princess's dad died that was a loss to everyone...'

At Finn/Macestra's place...

Finn: Alright we all need some sleep...G'night.

Macestra: G'ni--

(Finn grabs Macestra and hugs her)

Finn: You deserve the thanks...thank you.

Macestra: Well thank you for making me blush.

(both smile)

To Be Continued in Part 2 of the 3 part MWAT Movie...

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